The good old days are happening now

I'm on vacation, at "home" on Prince Edward Island. I come at the same time every year, and I mainly do the same things every year. Visit the same beaches, go to the same restaurants, even order the same ice cream treats (turtle sundae!). It's funny how the same things are the most enjoyable. In so many ways, we seem to need new and exciting ideas and experiences, and in others we really don't like it when we can't repeat things over and over.

It feels good to have the comfort of routine, but it makes it harder to adjust when life inevitably forces us to change. I'm facing the fact that my son won't come on these trips to PEI forever - which is hard because we've had the same vacation for 10 years now. So this year we're changing the plan ever so slightly, with an eye to the future when we'll be forced to change even more.

One thing I have learned is to enjoy the routine, no matter how mundane it seems, because one day you'll look back and remember it with nostalgia as the "good old days".