Lisa Enman Photography

Lisa Enman Photography

I believe that yoga should be fun, soulful, and that it can benefit everyone.  I believe that yoga can change your life.


Yoga practice

Yoga can be a physical practice, a mind/body experience, or just simple stress relief.  If you're breathing and moving with intention, you're practicing yoga.  I lead a yoga practice that combines hatha, yin, and restorative poses, along with mindfulness and breathing techniques.  I believe that everyone can do yoga, and I focus on providing a healthy, fun, judgement-free environment.  

I teach Yin & Restore every Thursday from 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm at Yoga in Bowness. Everyone is welcome to attend. Follow my Facebook page at AeracuraCalgary to see when I’m subbing for other classes.


"I have participated in Janice’s yoga classes and leave each class feeling that I have challenged myself with the poses she has taught. Her passion for yoga is evident in the way she cues the poses and plans the flow of the class. She allows her personality to come through her teaching. Would highly recommend that you attend her class."

~ Landis Jackson